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“I’ve had readings from “big names” like Sonia Choquette and Doreen Virtue and many others.  I rank Melissa’s readings up with any of those big names.  Why?  She has clarity, acuity, integrity, and a God-given gift to focus in on the client’s needs, and channel in the information for her clients in a sensitive, compassionate, yet strong and no-bullshit way.  Her honesty balanced with her compassion and sensitivity to nuance make her readings and intuitive work among the very best out there.  It won’t be long before she’s “discovered” in a very big way — create and foster your relationship with her now, before you have to wait for months to get a reading!  Many blessings on her work — she walks with the water spirits and the Goddess in a very sacred way.”


-Marcus Wynne, Author, Consultant, CEO Accentus-Ludus LLC

“Melissa’s readings have been spot-on for me. She is a clear, focused channel who communicates succinctly and honestly. Highly recommended!”  



“I had various readings from different psychics in the past.  Today I had a reading with Melissa and felt a warmth from her at the moment I met her.  She provided me with some very accurate information even though I didn’t tell her anything about myself, made me think Melissa was trustworthy. She confirmed and reassured what I was thinking in regards to my concerns was correct . She supported my decision.”   -A.S.

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