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What qualifies me to call myself a pro-fe-ssion-al psy-chic, you ask? 

I believe that we all have the ability to sense things before they happen, feel connection to energies and entities that we cannot see with our eyes, and to be super intuitive to the potentials of ourselves and the people around us.

I, however, have been strongly aware of my abilities since I was a child, and as I moved into adulthood I made a conscious effort to attune to these frequencies within myself. I became highly sensitive and eventually became aware of my ability to channel information from the cosmic fabric of the Universe.

I, now, give professional psychic readings in person on Oahu in Hawaii, over the phone and via Skype and FaceTime. I also travel and teach workshops to help people cultivate their own intuitive abilities as well as teaching palm reading and other super fun and awesome psychic stuff, who doesn't love that!!!   

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive readings can include specific inquiries or general guidance and may come from a variety of modalities including direct voice channeling, taro and oracle readings and/or palmistry. 

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